I have always been a "choir kid" at heart, though I admit I took a meandering path to get back to choir as an adult. I am so very glad I did, though, because I gained a ton of experience along my way that I just wouldn't have if I had taken a straight path. What does this mean for your ensemble?

Style-specific ensemble coaching

I have experience working professionally in the contemporary, pop, and jazz worlds, as well as the classical choral world. This means that in a workshop with me, I can help your choirs or bands access styles that are unfamiliar to them by putting the "stranger" elements into terms they can understand.

I have done workshops entirely on counting and syncopation, jazz improvisation, pop vocal styles, and healthy ways to produce the vocal tones these styles require. If you are working on a pop, jazz, blues, or gospel piece with your choir, I can help them to put the final layer of polish on with an authentic sound. Or, start off your year with a workshop to cover some basic elements of pop and jazz rhythm, diction, and microphone technique.

Traditional workshops

Sometimes all a choir needs to reach the next level is to hear the same things from a different person; this is why we bring in guest conductors! I would love to come and work with your choir on any traditional repertoire they might be learning.

Get your choir to swing, or rock, or groove.