Commission an Arrangement


What piece of music would you like your choir to sing, or your band to play? Imagine being able to answer that question without having to think about where you can buy it from, whether the score and parts are legible, or whether it's the right difficulty level and voicing or instrumentation for your group. Pipe dreams, right? But this can really happen when you commission me to arrange for you!

I have been working as a professional arranger and chart-writer for over ten years. I have taught classes on choral arranging, instrumental arranging, and the use of industry standard notation software to its full potential.

My arrangements are custom-tailored to your group's ability, age, size, distribution of voices or instruments, and any other criteria you can think to tell me about. I can arrange the latest pop songs and the earliest folk melodies, and I can mash-up almost any two songs you can think of.